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How does refinancing business assets support restructure?

26 Mar 2021

Why would I refinance business assets to support restructure? 

If your business needs to restructure or source additional finance, then refinancing could be a simple way of releasing equity in assets you own, or assets nearing the end of their original finance arrangements. 

Refinancing business assets allows you to:  

  • release cash from otherwise tied up assets
  • reinvest the funding generated into further asset growth
  • protecting your company for assets depreciation

What are the benefits?  

Refinancing business assets can help to release cash for your business and support your business restructuring needs because:  

  • it is a useful way of restructuring existing finance agreements 
  • it helps to lower monthly repayments
  • it allows continued use to have the use of the assets 

What are my options?  

When looking at refinancing, the new agreement can be either a:  

  • Hire Purchase, sometimes supported by a chattel mortgage
  • Finance Lease agreement, to provide the funds your business needs and depending on your particular circumstances

These will be over a fixed period, usually a maximum of 5 years but longer if required and the main finance products we use when refinancing are sale and leaseback, and sale and hire purchase back. 

There are many ways to restructure or refinance and Custom Business Finance will find you the solution that fits your business.
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